American Politics

You will complete a letter identifying a particular problem/issue/controversy in contemporary American politics, stating your position on/solution for the problem, discussing why someone might disagree with you, and defending your position. 2 – 3 pages double-spaced. Times New Roman 12 or Calibri 11 point font. 1-inch margins. When in doubt, remember that it is probing your knowledge of the course material – use class notes as a guide and cite reading materials to show your understanding of the material.  From the following sections i can send the videos of short lectures that were shown to us; -Ch 1: The Citizen & Government -Ch 2: The Founding and the Constitution -Ch 3: Federalism-Ch 4: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights -Ch 5: Public Opinion-Ch 6: The Media -Ch 7: Political Parties, Participation, and Elections -Ch 8: Interest Groups -Ch 9: Congress -Ch 10: The Presidency -Ch 11: Bureaucracy -Ch 12: The Federal Courts Identify someone to whom you would send the letter in order to fix the problem you discuss and address the letter to that person. Sending the letter is not required, but I encourage you to do so if you wish. (If the recipient is a personal friend or family member, you may make the addressee anonymous.) In the letter, you must: Explain your position and the moral/ethical values behind it. Values include liberty, rights, justice, fairness, as examples. These are things you think are right and good. Explain why someone might disagree with you and identify the values behind their position. Students are discouraged from using outside sources. If you look up facts from sources outside the textbook and want to mention them in your letter, include the source information in the letter instead of a citation. Common knowledge about the issue does not require a citation. “Common knowledge consists of facts and sayings that are well known by a large number of people or information that is included in multiple sources.” If you are not sure what constitutes common knowledge, please read this guide to plagiarism (Links to an external site.). Please keep the tone and content of your message respectful and courteous, and use proper grammar. Your message should be at least two pages double-spaced (but could easily be longer) and contain the following components in order: Brief introduction before the letter that tells me the topic of the letter, the chapter that it relates to, the name of the person to whom it is directed, and the reason for choosing this person. I need to see this, but if you submit the letter to a newspaper or politician remove this part before doing so. Name and address of the recipient. Brief personal introduction. A brief introduction to the issue. Explanation of your position connected to core ethical beliefs or values. Explanation of objections to your position, the core ethical beliefs, or values of people who disagree with your position. An argument/explanation of why you think your position is correct A thank you to the recipient of the letter.

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